The Pier Market

The Pier Market is open for a new round, with a Nautical theme, ending August 1st.

Coming soon: DruWear Designs, Orion

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Summer Sun Hunt at StoraxTree

Teleport to Summer Sun Hunt

StoraxTree’s first on-location hunt happens from July 1st to July 31st. There will be 25 exclusive home decor prizes, which you can see in the gallery below, along with hints. Each is 1L, and can be found in and around the rug factory. They are marked with this sun:

summer sun alpha



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My Attic

My Attic July

My Attic is open until July 31st, with nothing over 95L. The next round will be September 21st.

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Designer Circle


Designer Circle is open for two weeks, with every item priced between 50L and 100L.

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The Dreamers Factory

The Dreamers Factory Summer 2014

The Dreamers Factory is a new, themed event, recurring every 2-3 months. Is first round begins today, July 20th, and runs through August 22nd, with a Summer Daydream theme.

Coming soon: Vespertine

Teleport to The Dreamers Factory

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