Hello, dear readers.


I want to thank you all for your support over the last several months. Vixen Thibedeau, Seraphim’s creator, has taken up the torch of the next generation of event coverage with her new website, Eloquence. I’m honoured to be on the original Eloquence team. Like Daybreak, Eloquence will focus on quality events. I’m sure you will love the beautiful layout and the professional work there.


So what does this mean for Daybreak? It’s not going away, but obviously its focus will be shifting. From the beginning, I’ve wanted to include events other than shopping, such as music, art, fundraisers, etc, but shopping took up so much time that I couldn’t really delve into those areas. Now, I hope to venture into those areas, but they’re new to me, so it will take some time to get a lot of content going. Be sure to subscribe so you can be informed when new events are published.


This change also heralds a new call for team members. You don’t need to be a blogger; just bringing any information you might have about events is immensely helpful. If interested, please use the contact form to send me your information.


Thank you all again. I hope you will accompany me in this exciting new chapter of Daybreak.


- Khaya Leistone



FaMESHed is open for August.

MIA: Emery, Molichino

Teleport to FaMESHed

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The Dreaming Tree


The Dreaming Tree runs Saturday and Sunday, with each item discounted 25% to 75%. The theme this round is Daydreamer.

Coming soon: Bauhaus MovementKirin Poses, and LISP

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Fifty Linden Friday

Fifty Linden Fridays

Fifty Linden Friday is Friday only, with every item priced at 50L.

coming soon: Candydoll

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